• As an aspiring biochemist, CareerFear offered me a chance to see real cancer research being done. I would otherwise never have had that opportunity.

    Jeannine, 16, London

  • A much-needed resource, and one that I will strongly recommend when I am working with my own students!

    Fiona McKenzie, Educational Counsellor, London

  • Amazing-- privilege shouldn't dictate quality of education! I wish someone had done this when I was at school.

    Jonathan Wasserberg, Speaker, Abu Dhabi

  • Growing up, I lost advantages to students at other schools because they had more connections. CareerFear fixes this; I love it.

    Kwame Dadson, Software Engineer, Interviewee

  • I hope my interview on CareerFear can be useful to teenagers around the world, I would have loved to have this resource when I was younger.

    Thomas Kunt, Physician, Interviewee