• As an aspiring biochemist, CareerFear offered me a chance to see real cancer research being done. I would otherwise never have had that opportunity.
    Jeannine, 16, Ashcroft Academy, London
  • I was always told to be an engineer. A CareerFear workshop at my school helped me discover my passion for Medicine, which I'm studying now!
    Jacob Yang, 19, CIS, Hong Kong
  • CareerFear is especially helpful because it's run by teens, who know exactly what I'm struggling with when thinking about career choices.
    Elizabeth Guiffa, 16, Trinity School, NYC
  • I think it's a brilliant idea! Education is a field ripe with inequality, and who better to fight that than students?
    Neil Bie, PR & Advertising, Interviewee
  • A much-needed resource, and one that I will strongly recommend when I am working with my own students!
    Fiona McKenzie, Educational Consultant, London