• I think it's a brilliant idea! Education is a field ripe with inequality, and who better to fight that than students?
    Neil Bie, PR & Advertising, Interviewee
  • Thank you so much for arranging the talk with Professor Sturm, he was so charming and interesting and the students were very impressed by him!
    Juliet, School Careers Advisor, London
  • Amazing-- privilege shouldn't dictate quality of education! I wish someone had done this when I was at school.
    Jonathan Wasserberg, Speaker, Abu Dhabi
  • A much-needed resource, and one that I will strongly recommend when I am working with my own students!
    Fiona McKenzie, Educational Counsellor, London
  • It is a fantastic opportunity for our students, who wouldn’t normally be surrounded by such people or consider certain careers!
    Katy Walsh, Teacher at Woolwich Polytechnic, London