I hope my interview on CareerFear can be useful to teenagers around the world, I would have loved to have this resource when I was younger.

Thomas Kunt, Physician, Interviewee

Thank you so much for arranging the talk with Professor Sturm, he was so charming and interesting and the students were very impressed by him!

Juliet, School Careers Advisor, London

Growing up, I lost advantages to students at other schools because they had more connections. CareerFear fixes this; I love it.

Kwame Dadson, Software Engineer, Interviewee

It is a fantastic opportunity for our students, who wouldn’t normally be surrounded by such people or consider certain careers!

Katy Walsh, Teacher at Woolwich Polytechnic, London

As an aspiring biochemist, CareerFear offered me a chance to see real cancer research being done. I would otherwise never have had that opportunity.

Jeannine, 16, London