1. A much-needed resource, and one that I will strongly recommend when I am working with my own students!

    Fiona McKenzie, Educational Counsellor, London

  2. It is a fantastic opportunity for our students, who wouldn’t normally be surrounded by such people or consider certain careers!

    Katy Walsh, Teacher at Woolwich Polytechnic, London

  3. As an aspiring biochemist, CareerFear offered me a chance to see real cancer research being done. I would otherwise never have had that opportunity.

    Jeannine, 16, London

  4. Thank you so much for arranging the talk with Professor Sturm, he was so charming and interesting and the students were very impressed by him!

    Juliet, School Careers Advisor, London

  5. Amazing-- privilege shouldn't dictate quality of education! I wish someone had done this when I was at school.

    Jonathan Wasserberg, Speaker, Abu Dhabi