I’m in Year 11, and I have my first GCSE in a few days. Pray for me. Thousands of teens like me will sit (or have sat!) their first exam this weekend. For those that don’t know about these, they are the first big external exams we have in the British school system. We take anywhere from 7-12 subjects normally, and have to sit exams in all of them.

I’m sitting 11 Subjects, but only 10 this year since I took my Math iGCSE last year. I have a History exam this weekend, and am *trying to study. All the guys and girls in my year are really stressed right now, and I’m sure many, many teens around the UAE and world are, too. These exams are important because Universities look at them, and they are important in moving to a different Sixth Form (Junior/Senior Year) if you are thinking about doing that. However, some older students are sitting their A-Levels which are similar to GCSE’s, but on steroid. You take only about 3-4 of those normally, and they are much more intense and far more important. Good luck to everyone sitting their externals in the next few weeks!

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