Why do we need CareerFear?
The purpose of CareerFear is to help teens in the United Arab Emirates and around the world.

Each career listed at the top, has an interview from someone in the UAE who is a professional in the career. We have interviewed Advertising Managers in Abu Dhabi to Executive Chefs in Raffles, Dubai, for your viewing pleasure. The purpose of these interviews is so we can break down exactly what it takes to do these jobs, and why or why not you’d want to do them. There are maybe one or two other sites that do this, but the problem is that they’re so damn complicated! Here’s an excerpt from one of those sites, describing the job of a ‘Fundraising Development Officer’ (What even is that?!), who is supposed to ‘Oversee the recording and checking of daily financial transactions, the preparation of provisional balances and reconciliation of accounts’. What?!

All the other resources on the internet seem to have prepared this information for University Professors, because we don’t understand what they’re saying! How does knowing some is responsible for the ‘reconciliation of accounts’ tell me anything I want to know, or anything that matters to me as a teenager? It doesn’t.

That’s why the purpose of CareerFear is to give us teens clarity. Make it easy to see what each person does in society, and who we want to be. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius.

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