Yesterday, I met someone special. Truly interesting. His career path was amazing; let’s call him James. James had an eidetic memory. It’s similar to photographic memory in that it lets you recall things with great detail. However, it doesn’t just apply to visual memories like photographic memory does, people with eidetic memory (Sheldon Cooper) can recall smells and sounds in great detail, too.

James told me all about his career path and how his careers changed over time. After graduating from high school, James decided to go to a college near him, and he got six, yes six! degrees. He got degrees in things like Robotics, Aerospace engineering, and studied Pre-med, too. Then, for graduate school, he went to Harvard, where he not only went to Harvard Med School to get an M.D. (Medical Doctor Degree), J.D (Law degree), AND he studied EECS at MIT, which is near Harvard (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). This guy is what’s known as a polymath; James is in a way like Leonardo Da Vinci, who was an artist and scientist. James’ gift then took him to London to finish his post-seconday education, which included a doctoral degree, and his residency to become an actual Medical Doctor.

James recalls that his educational career has been ‘stressful’ but also ‘rewarding’. Obviously very few of us are like James, but I think we can all take something from this story about his career path; he had a gift and really did exploit it completely. James absolutely made sure he got the bang for his back for his IQ. We may not all be gifted with eidetic memory, but we sure can exploit every shred of intelligence we do have, because in a fight between work ethic and raw talent, work wins every time. 

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