CareerFear is quickly growing from just an idea into a resource that it turns out many people are using. So far, in the brief few weeks we have been up, CareerFear has been viewed by hundreds of people from all around the world, though mostly in the United Arab Emirates.

A resource to help teens with Careers is much needed, in my opinion. While CareerFear will give you much of the important information you need, it shouldn’t be the only resource you use when choosing the best career for you. There is much more information to every career listed on this page, and much more to every career. For example, there is no such thing as ‘doctor’ or ‘engineer’. Instead, in the professional world, each of these is a separate field with many sub divisions like ‘heard surgeon’ or ‘general physician’ or ‘chemical engineer’. While CareerFear will most certainly get you interested in the world of – say – medicine or engineering, you must take it further yourself if you’re interested.

I’m also thinking about starting to go around speaking at schools around the United Arab Emirates about this project; a few schools have got in touch as I reached out and I think it would be an excellent opportunity to share my experiences as a student who goes through everything you’re going through, but also to demonstrate this project and how you can use it to it’s full potential.

Right now, we do not have any interviews on the live site. However, we have taken several, and will upload them onto the site so you can learn from them (and laugh AT them). As time goes on, more and more content will appear on the site as we interview more and more people around the UAE and around the world to be featured on this site. I hope that after a year, I will have a team of volunteer teens around the world that help me host this service. Perhaps some teens in the US, who want to help students at their school think more about careers decide to e-mail me to ask if they can contribute to the site, perhaps we set up a chapter in India for high schools there. This is just the beginning of CareerFear, and similarly, CareerFear is just the beginning of your career exploration.


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