As my GCSE’s are starting to wrap up, I can happily say that in a week or so, it will be summertime! Summer is for travel, summer is for fun, summer is for rejuvenation. I’m certainly looking forward to it, and I’m sure you are, too.

Since summer tends to be peaceful and a laid-back time of year, we should use it to sit back, and reflect on where we’re going. Especially since college is on everyone’s mind, people start to try and acquire work experience and career insight in a mad rush to impress colleges or find a major they would enjoy. This isn’t right.

I encourage all students to start thinking about careers from Freshman Year (Year 10), and actively looking into careers that interest them. We’ve said it many times on the site – CareerFear – while a key resource – shouldn’t be your cripple when it comes to making important decisions about your future. If a career interests you, summer is the perfect time to try it out! Work experience and career thinking go hand in hand, so whether it’s working at McDonalds, interning at a law firm or volunteering for a local hospital, you’ll learn important things about working in the real world and find out more about yourself in the process.

I hope to announce a partnership with DubaiMinds – a service linking high school students in the UAE to work internships. They are an organization with similar interests and goals as CareerFear, and I see the two non-profits sharing a mutually beneficial symbiosis in the future. But – while this isn’t confirmed or official to any extent year – I do recommend you look them up for more information.

Use your summer well; travel, party, chill, relax – but also use it as a time to sort yourself out so you’re organized and ready for your future. One e-mail to the organization you’d like to intern with/work with over summer is all it really takes for you to make it happen. So make it happen. Hope this helps.


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