CareerFear is an excellent resource to use to learn about careers by yourself, but it shouldn’t be the only one.

CareerFear is tailor-made for the general high school population in the United Arab Emirates, and as such caters to a wide range of readers and users in the Emirates. It will be a wonderful introduction to the idea of work for younger students, and a thorough resource to be diligently exploited by the older students. However, once you’ve used CareerFear to seriously consider a field – say, becoming a Doctor – go on learn more! In the UAE, we’re blessed to have access to an array of resources to obtain hands-on experience in many fields. In fact, the Abu Dhabi Government and Dubai Government are superb at promoting youth development on this front. If you’re interested in becoming a Doctor, use the internet to find out about all the different types of Doctors that exist – there’s a variety of choices, from Heart Surgeons to X-ray analysts to Pharmacologists. No one website will ever be large enough or detailed enough to give you all you need to know about the career you love.

If you want to use your summer productively, send an e-mail to a hospital, or a researcher at a local university asking them if you could shadow them, or intern at the hospital. You learn exponentially more gaining hands-on experience about your field and interacting with people genuine interested in your field than you ever could online. So do make sure to gain work experience via internships, summer jobs, volunteering etc. at the workplace you’re considering.

In our interviews, we often ask what the biggest misconception is about the job of the person we’re interviewing. We do so because people who don’t know much about the job have ideas from glamorous TV shows or books, which can be very misleading. In this vein, doing actual work experience will showcase what the job is really like, and it may be different than you think.

Our mission at CareerFear is to give you enough information to get you inspired and excited about a job, so you can go on and look further into it yourself. We are still in our young stages as a non-profit platform, and will be adding new interviews and information to all our pages multiple times every week. We are set to upload five or so more interviews next week, of people ranging from Advertising Executives in Abu Dhabi to Head Chef’s in Dubai.

Put yourself out there, the UAE really is an oasis for us students, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much people want to help you make the right career choice. Hope this helps.

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