CareerFear is in it’s most rapid stages of growth! This platform is being used by hundreds of teens and students every single day! What’s more, our users don’t come exclusively from the United Arab Emirates. We are a non-profit currently based in the UAE, but are helping hundreds of students in countries from the US to Brazil to places like Hong Kong!

CareerFear has uploaded some interviews, but we have several more being processed to be uploaded in the next few days! Due to the fact that CareerFear is growing rapidly, we’d like your help. If you know anyone that is a Banker, Accountant, Musician, Lawyer or Fine Artist, get in touch with us (

These are the few professions we haven’t currently got an interview for. So, if you think anyone you know would want to contribute to the UAE community out by sharing their experiences and knowledge, do get in touch with us.

Recently, a few users of our site (students in the UAE) reached out to us via e-mail to tell us that they appreciated what CareerFear strives to do, and have started becoming regular users of the site. If you have a suggestion – critique, compliment or idea – do tell us! We’re a non-profit, here for community outreach. Get in touch with us, and tell us what you think and how we can improve. CareerFear seeks to achieve a state of constant evolution and improvement.

In the next year, CareerFear hopes to grow from a successful local start-up to an internationally recognized non-profit that helps thousands of students and teenagers around not just the United Arab Emirates, but indeed around the world. As CareerFear gets media attention and adds more and more information and resources for students onto our site, we seek to find other avenues for growth.



For media enquiries, contact or reach out to 0568791127.

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