For some reason, most people hate their job. This is because a lot of people choose to go into various professions for the wrong reasons. For example, if you were to ask my own mother why she chose to become a doctor, she’d tell you it’s because everyone in her family was a doctor. To some, this reason might sound ridiculous (hint: it should), but to others, this is very much a regular part of life. Families pressure kids to go into ‘high paying’ jobs or to look for ‘job security’. This is wrong.

In Steve Jobs’ famous words: don’t settle. Chances are, you’ll be working for more hours than you sleep during life, so make sure you do something you enjoy. Whether it’s a fine artist, pilot or software engineer, you have to ensure that you have a future in whichever job you choose to commit your life to. How do you do this?

First thing, ensure you really know what you’re signing up for. Thousands if not millions of people go into professions with flamboyant ideas of what they’ll be or what they’ll make of themselves one day, only to find that the job is nothing like what they thought. We’re easily moulded by glamorous novels and TV shows like ‘Suits’ or ‘House M.D.’ to think that some professions are very, very different to how they are in reality. This is where CareerFear comes in; we’re here to help you make sure you know exactly what it takes to do a certain job. In fact, one of the questions we most often ask our interviewees is ‘What is the biggest misconception about your job’ so that we make sure the thousands of teens and students out there using CareerFear know exactly what they’re signing up for.

Secondly, once you know what a profession is about, try it out and see if you could like it. Notice I don’t say see if you like it; there are many things you might not like initially but will grow to like with time. Then, ask yourself if you can see yourself as a professional in that field in the future, and what you’d hope to achieve. Finally – if you do decide to look further into that profession – ask yourself why you’re interested in it. If you determine it’s for the money, job security, or fame, you might be in the wrong career. That’s not to say things like money are not important metrics – no they’re certainly instrumental in making a career decision. But in my humble opinion, they shouldn’t be the driving statistics. Instead, ask yourself if your school interests align with what’s important for the job. I read somewhere a good way to gauge career suitability is to consider three things: your passion for the career, your ability to work hard in that profession, and the need for that skill or job in society in the future.

Most importantly, take the initiative and read interesting articles like this for yourself. CareerFear is here to give you much of the requisite information presented simply on a golden platter, but we can’t make the decision for you. Hope this helps.













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