A number of students from Abu Dhabi, Dubai to Sharjah and beyond have got in touch with me saying they want to help out with CareerFear. It makes me extremely happy to see that people enjoy the product so much that they want to help out grow the service.

CareerFear is made by teens, for teens. As such, due to popular demand, I invite students, all teenage users of our non-profit resource to e-mail me at tanishq@careerfear.org and express interest in joining CareerFear’s team. We’ll be establishing chapters (branches) in every Emirate in the UAE; feel free to apply if you live outside the Emirates, CareerFear would be happy to expand internationally, too.

If you identify with our mission to help educate teens around the world, shoot me an e-mail telling me why you’d be a great addition to our team, and we’ll get back to you and hopefully offer you a place on the CareerFear team!

This is the first time CareerFear is opening itself to volunteers around the world, and is a bold step in the direction of national and international growth for CareerFear.

Thanks for expressing your interest through e-mail, the faster you express your interest in joining our team, the quicker we can get you integrated as an official member of CareerFear!

By applying to join CareerFear, you’d be taking part in community service – volunteering to grow a national non-profit into something that can help hundreds of thousands of teens from London to Delhi to NYC. All based out of our home in the United Arab Emirates.


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