CareerFear will start offering two new major services in the near future.

At the moment, CareerFear helps students around the world by uploading interviews of people in different careers, so students can gain first-hand career experience very easily. However, as we’re growing rapidly, and are gaining large amounts of users from various places around the world, we want to branch out into other services, too.

As such, CareerFear has started partnering with companies and large corporations in the United Arab Emirates to help provide high school students in the UAE with internship opportunities. As we branch out into different countries around the world, we hope this service will be open to students in those countries, too. Soon, we’ll upload an ‘Internships’ page on our site, linking high school students to internships and possible work experience to compliment the career service we currently offer online.


Secondly, CareerFear is going to start hosting workshops. Through our large network of interviewee contacts, we will start inviting guest speakers to schools and universities around the United Arab Emirates and soon enough other countries, too. This way, students will get a chance to interact with these people in real life, as well as on CareerFear. These workshops will consist of – for example – a lawyer coming to a high school to demystify his job, and the lawyer may speak about what it takes to become a lawyer, what school subjects are important, important misconceptions high school students have, and then take questions towards the end of the workshop. These will be organized and hosted by CareerFear as an additional service we are choosing to provide as a non-profit service.

If you’re a company who’d like to partner with CareerFear, or a company that wants to offer students internships, or perhaps a professional who wants to share his career experience and give valuable advice to students at a CareerFear workshop, get in touch with

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