Students and teenagers often think ‘I don’t know what to do with my life’. And that’s OK. However, what’s not OK is when teens and students reach out and say they’re becoming Doctors, or Lawyers…why? “Because my parents wanted me to”. Parents often don’t know much about careers themselves – they think that the ideas they were exposed to about careers when they were younger are still relevant.

It’s now common knowledge that 20% of students will pursue careers that do not exist today. The world is rapidly changing; parents pressures their kids into doing jobs that they think will pay well, or will be secure. While these are certainly somewhat valid reasons to choose a job, they shouldn’t be the driving factors. If your parents are instructing to do a job that you hate (despite having tried it), or that you could never see yourself doing – feel free to tell them you disagree. In fact, there’s good reason that most people end up saying “I hate my job”.


It’s ridiculous that most people hate the one thing they will spend the most of their life doing. If you find yourself admitting “My parents want me to be a Doctor”, but you’ve tried it, and hated it – try out something else and tell your parents! Perhaps you’ll find your passion as a programmer, or perhaps as an accountant! Show your parents CareerFear and help them ease their career fears (and yours!). CareerFear has all the important information you need in the form of a recorded video interview; we’ve also paid special attention to include metrics like salary and working hours that your parents may find relevant.

Invite your parents to join you in exploring careers on CareerFear. If you’re still telling yourself “I don’t know what I want to do with my life”, that’s good! That’s why we’re here.  It’s really saddening that “Parents forcing me into a career” is searched by a lot of people. That shouldn’t be the case. Explore the site, and show your parents and mentors what interests you – find your passion.


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