This is one of those issues that everyone has an opinion about. Many believe that the responsibility falls on teachers, as educators, to teach students the life skills they need. Others believe that because teachers spend so much time teaching other material, parents should be the ones giving their kids the skills they need to live independently.

And so, the world is divided. But the fact is, nobody is teaching us these skills. Teachers push the job onto parents, parents give it back to teachers. Eventually both sides just ignore the issue and teenagers are left clueless.

By the end of my high school career, I’ll know all about imaginary numbers but have no idea how to balance a check book.

I’ll know the exact dates the World Wars started and ended but I won’t know how to pay a mortgage.


Students are leaving school and living on their own and having to figure these things out all by themselves. The stress of ‘adulthood’ just adds on to all the other stress young adults have to deal with and depression and anxiety levels are reaching an all-time high. All because nobody wants to handle the responsibility of teaching a few extra skills.

What if the duties were shared? Parents can teach stuff like cooking, time management, and how to handle money responsibly, as well as values such as kindness and generosity.

Teachers can set aside a few class periods to teach some skills too. An economics/business/accounting teacher can teach about credit cards, insurance, employability.

The school nurse can teach basic life saving and healthcare skills like CPR or what to do in case someone I shaving a heart attack or a stroke.

Parents and teachers are both in charge of making sure students can be okay alone. In a system like this, students can enter the real world with at least some feeling of sureness, that maybe they won’t be completely lost on their own.

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