In today’s times, it seems like college is a necessity if you want to have a good life. Teachers spend years training you to enter college. Your whole high school career revolves around what you plan to study when you get to college. There’s very little talk about what happens after college. Not everyone can go to college though. It’s treated as a necessity, but priced like a luxury. Only the very wealthy can afford it without help and if you don’t go, your options are limited. But how do you know if college is something you’d want to do?

Students excel in different areas. I’ve met students who were gifted academically, but struggled with logical thinking and analysis. I’ve met students who didn’t have very good grades, but were amazing at any sport they tried. There are many fields of study and not all of them can be taught to you through school. Maybe college isn’t for you.

Why Should I Go to College?

Besides helping your chances of landing a high paying job, college has many different opportunities lying in wait. While attending college, teenagers learn a range of skills such as financial independence and how to deal with success/failure. Leaving home gives them the chance of a fresh start. They get to be around people who don’t know them at all and so they have the chance to be whoever they wish to be. There are no expectations. College allows us to meet new people and get involved in more social programs. There’s something for everyone!


Why Shouldn’t I Go to College?

College is very expensive and chances are you will graduate with debt that may take years to pay off. The world advances very quickly, and depending on what major you choose, your degree might become obsolete before you get to use it. If you are the type of person that hates sitting in classrooms for hours at a time, and then going home to do more work, college might not be for you. If you’d rather be outside in the sunshine than in a classroom, college might not be for you. If someone asks you what will make you happy and you don’t even consider anything to do with education, but rather traveling or adventures or family, then college might not be for you.

There is no right or wrong answer. No single person can tell you that you should or should not go to college. Ultimately you have to make your own choice based on what you want for your life. Don’t let anyone else’s opinions dictate your decisions.


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