Textbooks and notepads no longer do the trick for learning. Times have changed and teaching methods have evolved a lot over the last few years. The modern world is so completely dependent on technology, it’s almost crazy to imagine that schools wouldn’t put it to good use. Using technology in class can help students learn more efficiently.The introduction of videos and other visual aids into the classroom environment has made learning a lot more enjoyable. Nowadays, common classroom tools include smart boards, computers, and projectors.

Smart boards are interactive whiteboards. The teacher can project an image from a laptop or computer onto the smart board and then draw digitally on it. A lot of teachers use PowerPoints in class to explain the materials. Having a computer in the classroom allows them to save the PowerPoints to the desktop where any student can access them for use when studying at home. TVs allow teachers to play DVDs relating to subject material. Computers can also be used for this purpose.


Students who are used to using technology outside of school might be frustrated with the lack of tech in an old-fashioned school. Students with learning disabilities or attention disorders might find it easier to pay attention to something that doesn’t bore them as much as a teacher speaking for around an hour at a time. Students who learn better when they are shown a concept instead of having it explained to them can benefit from videos and other visual aids.

On the other hand, the writing skills of today’s children have decreased dramatically. Because everything is typed or recorded (usually in compressed forms for convenience), handwriting skills are no longer considered important. As a result, students are a lot more messy and use incorrect grammar and spelling in their essays. Graphing calculators, smart watches, and tiny cameras have also made it a lot easier for students to cheat.

There is no way for teachers to effectively teach their students without technology anymore. Students simply don’t have the attention span to listen to someone speaking for 8 hours a day, nor are they interested in a class where there is no interactive activities. But teachers should try their best to eliminate the negative effects of technology. Let students take notes and write essays by hand and correct their spelling and grammar whenever possible.


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