Recent studies have shown that online schooling is fast becoming a lot more popular than traditional schooling. Admittedly, it does have a few extra benefits, but is it an option for you?

There are a few ways we can compare traditional and online schools. A few factors to take into consideration are flexibility, social interaction, and dedication.

Traditional school is a lot less flexible than online school. Online schools are usually designed to work for students around the world, so they’ll assign a specific amount of work to be submitted a week or so later. The workload is not necessarily lighter, but there is more option for you to shift things around to fit your needs.


There is still social interaction in online school environments, contrary to popular belief. Most schools work through video chats where students and teachers can interact with each other in a virtual classroom. The school will also most probably provide a chat room for students to discuss class material. There is also the option or pre-recorded lectures that the student can watch when they have time.

Online school requires a lot of dedication and discipline. There is nobody around to make sure you’re completing your work and staying on task. Everything depends on you. Being comfortable at home might make students feel a bit lazy and more prone to procrastination than regular school. For students who thrive on competition, feeling sort of isolated from their classmates might make them lose their motivation to work.

Should I enroll in online courses?

The decision (this should become CareerFear’s motto I use it so often) should be yours. If you know you are able to stay on task and complete your work on time without constant reminders and teachers nagging you then maybe you should look at this. If social situations make you feel awkward and you’d rather learn in an environment where you’re alone and able to concentrate and learn at your own pace, this could be a good option for you. If you are prone to procrastination, almost never submit work on time, and have trouble finding your motivation, this would not be a good choice for you.

Either way, this is a decision that requires a lot of thought. Switching schools can be quite a disruption to your education whether you realize it or not. And the later you decide to do it, the more detrimental it can be.


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