Playlist: To Help Unwind

Anyone who knows me knows that I get stressed out very easily. It’s quite annoying, especially at this stage in my life where I’m constantly having to think about SAT prep and college applications and AP courses and extracurriculars and a whole host of other things. Although, it does have a few benefits, one of which being that I have a lot of coping mechanisms to help me deal with stress. Today, I’d like to share with you my anti-stress playlist!

The music on my playlist varies quite a bit, which is quite weird I’ll admit, but feel free to use it as inspiration to create your own anti-stress playlist or just use it exactly as is!

*Please listen with caution, as some songs deal with sensitive subjects or contain some offensive language.


#1 Heart Out by The 1975*

#2 The Run and Go by twenty one pilots

#3 One More Shot by Russ*

#4 Valerie (Amy Winehouse cover) by the Glee Cast

#5 1-800-273-8255 by Logic (ft Alessia Cara and Khalid)*

#6 You’re the Best Thing About Me by Kygo and U2

#7 Young, Dumb, and Broke by Khalid

#8 Lock Me Up by The Cab

#9 Glorious by Macklemore (ft Skylar Grey)

#10 Say When by The Fray


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