Young children all over the world are asked that question probably more times than they can count, prompting them to think about their futures before a lot of them even understand the concept of time. Of course, having no knowledge of anything other than the most basic of professions, they all have similar answers: doctor, ballerina, princess.

At our age, we’re still asked this question. The form has changed, and every time we’re asked it there’s a sense of urgency and nervousness when we’re unable to give an answer. We’re expected to know what we want to study years before we actually get to that point, and this expectation puts loads of unnecessary stress on students.


I’ll say it now you do not need to have your whole life figured out before it even starts.

The expectation that everyone graduates with a full plan is just unrealistic. In my class of 27 students, 16 of us have absolutely no clue what we’d like to do.

A few days ago, one of my teachers was talking to us about her college days and she said, “College is a time for finding yourself. You’ll change your mind so many times, because you’re still discovering who you are and who you want to be. Don’t stress out if you can’t decide now, it’s probably not going to be your final choice anyway.”

Recent studies have shown that roughly 65% of students will be employed in jobs that don’t even exist yet. Which means they’ll study courses that don’t even exist yet. If you can’t find what’s right for you, it might just be the timing that’s not right. The world we live in is ever changing, and your time will come.