Not all students are the same. This is a fact. In the eighth grade, I taught myself science all year because I couldn’t understand a thing from the teacher. Sometimes teachers might be very good at their jobs, but not very good at getting through to students who learn differently from others. This can be frustrating for the student, especially if it’s in a subject the student loves or is usually very good at.

There are a variety of learning websites and apps that have been created to help students learn on their own. Some are free, and some require payments for memberships, but a little bit of searching can bring about loads of results. Here are some of the ones that I love:

1- Khan Academy – website, app (

This website saved my neck in the weeks leading up to my AP Physics exam. They have lessons on a wide variety of subjects ranging from sciences to arts and practice quizzes to go with them. They offer SAT and AP practice tests, as well as college admissions tips.


2- edX – website, app (

This website is amazing. They offer courses led by professors from some of the world’s best universities (MIT, Princeton, and Harvard just to name a few). Their courses are extremely varied and courses can be taken in a large variety of languages. This website was recommended to me by one of my teachers and I feel I should pass on this great resource.

3- Coursera – website, app (

Coursera is pretty much the same as edX, though I prefer edX. It just comes down to personal preference, really. Have a look at both, because they’re both great services. It should be noted that both edX and Coursera are targeted towards students looking for college level courses or for students looking to learn something their school does not offer.

4-Mathspace – website, app (

I suck at math. This service works wonders for me. Typing in your answers can get a little bit annoying but the website checks your work step by step and eventually gives you a video to explain what you’re doing wrong, which is great so you don’ have to go searching for your mistakes. Teachers can sign up and see their students’ progress too. If you sign up as part of a class, there’s also a sort of leaderboard where you can see who has solved the most questions and how long it took them. This adds an air of competition which may help students who thrive on that sort of thing.

5- Quizlet – website, app (

This one should be used with caution, as all the information on it is added by students and/or teachers. The service allows you to make flash cards for a certain subject and then tests you on them. Again, you can join as part of a class and do the same work as the rest of your classmates or use it on your own as a convenient study tool.

With exams just around the corner for many of us, there’s no such thing as too prepared!


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