CareerFear UAE has hosted a workshop! The workshop was held at Horizon Private School Abu Dhabi on the 4th of October, 2017.We invited actor Chuka Ekweogwu to speak to the students, and it was a great success. The workshop ran very smoothly, with no hiccups.

The students at Horizon Private School are used to having speakers address them, so they weren’t very excited in the beginning.  It wasn’t long,  however, before Chuka had them glued to their seats as he began telling them about himself and how he got into a career as an actor.  With their interest piqued, you could sense the excitement grow in the room.

The session was very interactive.  Students asked questions and made jokes. It was a very fun but beneficial experience overall.

Chuka, a graduate of Middlesex University, spoke to the students about his own background: a metallurgical engineering degree and his jump to acting. He told them about the virtues of acting, and the skills it takes to be a good actor. He even gave a short demonstration on fake crying!

The students got the chance to ask their own questions, and Chuka answered them very gracefully. It was a chance for them to get to know a career path very few had considered before. According to a short survey we sent out after the workshop, students are expressing more interest in careers having to do with the arts, which is exactly the goal we look to achieve here at CareerFear — a real interest in a diverse range of careers. 


At the end of the workshop, the students rushed to take pictures with Chuka. They clambered over each other to take selfies and stand next to him in the group shot. The administrators and staff who attended the workshop were also very impressed, and have already mentioned organizing a few more for the students of HPS.

CareerFear Workshops are a greatly valuable resource for students looking for options for their futures. We provide unique perspectives on careers that differ slightly from the careers typically chosen by high school students.

If you or someone you know might be interested in hosting a workshop at your school in the UAE, please contact me at


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