I go to a school that starts with KG1 and ends with Grade 12. Despite that, it’s a relatively small school, but that isn’t the point today.

We just started a new school year and I’ve started Grade 11, what everyone keeps telling me is the most important year of my high school career. So is this the time to be introducing me to new teachers, making me learn new teaching styles, conditioning me to answer questions differently lest she take off points for something other teachers allowed?

If you know me, you know I have very strong feelings about the school system. I feel it’s not built to test what we know, but rather to test our memorization skills and how well we’re able to adhere to direction. I feel it gives students little to no space to express themselves and their personalities. I feel that if we learn something but don’t understand it, having the textbook open in front of us still won’t help us answer questions.

Being introduced to a new teacher means having to reprogram your whole way of thinking to suit her way of teaching. In the beginning this can be a bit tough, especially when you’re studying for the first test and have no idea what kinds of questions she’ll add in. Is she the kind of teacher to want lots of detail, or does she prefer straightforward answers?


The first test my class of 25 did on a subject we’re all relatively okay with, 19 of us failed. This argument could lead to another issue wherein if that many students failed is it a fault with the students or with the teacher?

The fact remains that this is a critical year for all of us and we can’t afford to get marks that bad. We can’t afford to have big red numbers on our report card, the kind that draw your parents’ eyes as soon as they pull the paper out of the envelope. We can’t afford to drop so low, so fast.

If a teacher decides to leave the school for, say, a personal reason, then there’s nothing you can do. But if the school decides to assign a new teacher to a class for no other reason than she fits in the schedule then that’s one other problem with the school system that maybe someone should address.


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