A Student Council is a committee of students chosen by the student body. The role of the Student Council is to give students a voice. Any complaints or concerns a student has can be reported to the Student Council and it will be up to them to find a solution. The Student Council may also be in charge of fundraisers and other events. These are the main functions of a Student Council, though different schools may have different rules.

Th Student Council meets at an agreed upon time and location to discuss school matters. There are five basic positions for a student to fill on the Student Council.

The President is the head of the Council. He or she represents the entire student body, knows the basic rules and procedures of the school, has the final say in any voting procedures, and develops an agenda for meetings and events.

The Vice President is just one step down from the President. He/She does everything the President would do in the absence of the President, as well as overlooking tasks being carried out by other members of the Council.


Treasurers are in charge of finances and budgets. They are expected to keep accurate records of all Student Council funds, including incomes and expenses.

A Secretary is tasked with keeping accurate minutes and records of decisions made during every meeting.

A Historian informs media outlets (if possible) about upcoming events. He or she also keeps pictures/articles/media posts in an organized file for future reference.

Some schools may also have a Class Representative for each class. Class Representatives are expected to bring forward issues that students in their class face that the Student Council may be able to help with.

All students who fill these positions are generally expected to maintain a certain grade level and conduct themselves with integrity.

Being part of the Student Council is a great way to show universities that you’ve got leadership skills and experience, are able to work in a team, and are dedicated and inspiring. These are qualities universities like to see in prospective students.

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