I love taking neat, color-coded notes. I have a friend who can’t study sitting down. Every student learns differently; no one is equal to or better or worse than another.

The VARK Model describes the 4 most common types of learners: visual learners, auditory learners, reading & writing learners, and kinesthetic learners.

Very rarely does a student identify with just one method of learning. Often times students are a mix of two or more. Sometimes students can be sort of 60-40, leaning more toward one method than another.

Visual learners learn by seeing things in front of them. Maps, diagrams, PowerPoint presentations, these are all examples of mediums that work well when teaching a visual learner. Visual learners may not enjoy working in groups, but, when given the proper methods and tools, are able to work just as efficiently as a team of students.

Auditory learners learn by hearing. These learners learn well when someone talks or explains a concept to them, rather than reading it out of a textbook themselves. Videos and lectures are good for students like this. When reading a text, auditory learners may read it out loud to themselves to facilitate comprehension, and prefer not to take notes during classes.


Reading and writing learners, on the other hand, love taking notes. These learners learn best when they’re writing out the information or reading it to themselves. They prefer to have written instructions and can get annoyed if someone insists on explaining a concept verbally.

Kinesthetic learners tend to be students who are athletic. They’re completely hands-on learners. Kinesthetic learners remember lessons better if they’re able to practice it with movements. Lab experiments, drawings, and interactive games are some good ways to get through to a kinesthetic learner. Kinesthetic learners may get fidgety and disruptive if made to sit still for a long period of time. They might have trouble focusing on a task that does not allow them to move.

Teachers who cannot teach all types of students are bad teachers. Teachers who do not recognize that students are not all the same are bad teachers. There is no right or wrong way to learn, as long as the student is comfortable and able to grasp the lesson.


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