We’re all busy, right. I get it. There’s little to no time for activities anymore, let alone starting from scratch on a whole new hobby. But, with so much work to do, its easy to get stressed out and bored. Here are a few hobbies you can try out that won’t take up too much time. (You can always push them aside for a little while if you need to!)
1- Colouring
Nope, its not just for kids. Coloring can be extremely therapeutic. You can stop and start at any time. There are adult coloring books full of detailed patterns, some themed. Nobody will judge you if you decide to color a picture of Hello Kitty, though.
2- Make some changes.
Figure out what you’d like to change at your school or in your community and work on getting it done! Start a club, decorate the hallways, introduce new activities. This is a great way to make some new friends and help broaden some horizons.
3- Photography
You don’t have to be a professional. The pictures don’t even have to be good. You could use just a phone camera and take pictures of anything you find interesting. Take pictures of yourself, of your friends, of the stray cat that lives outside your building. You’ll be grateful for the memories in a few years. The world is a very, very beautiful place. It’d be a shame if you missed out on it because you were cooped up inside doing homework all the time.
4- Learn a new language
Duolingo (and many others like it) is an app that lets you learn a new language at your own pace. Its a great way to develop those few skills you picked up from your French class at school or to learn a completely new language you’ve never considered before.
5- Watch some documentaries
If you love learning new things, this may be the one for you. Documentaries can be extremely interesting if you know which ones to pick. There are all sorts: crime, history, conspiracies, the list goes on! Never underestimate the power of a good documentary. They’re like an educational goldmine.


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