I recently wrote a post about the VARK theory, or different types of learners: visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. I later wrote a post detailing visual learners and some techniques that would help a visual learner be more productive.

Auditory learners are learners who utilize videos, recordings, and explanations in learning. They prefer to see hear rather than see.

You might be an auditory learner if:

l You prefer read texts out loud to yourself.

l You memorize by reciting information out loud.

l You’re able to make good notes of information you’ve heard.

l You perform better on oral exams than written ones.

l You prefer working with background noise.


You might have identified with one or two of those characteristics, or you might have found that they all describe you perfectly. If you feel like you might be an auditory learner, here are some strategies you can use to increase your productivity and be the best learner you can be.

l Find a study group. Having someone explain the information to you might help you understand it better.

l Read texts out loud.

l Try using songs or raps to remember lists or difficult information.

l Make a study playlist with songs that make you feel energized. Listen to it while you work. Sing along if you want to!

l Always have a video handy that goes with your material

Auditory learners are not better or worse than any other type of learner, they’re simply different. If a teacher doesn’t know how to get through to you, someone else might.


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