Kinesthetic learners are learners who learn through touch and action. They can also be called ‘hands-on’ learners and prefer to learn by doing rather than seeing.

You might be a kinesthetic learner if:

  • You prefer to try things out yourself
  • You are gifted athletically, perhaps more than academically
  • You have excellent hand-eye coordination
  • You can be easily distracted
  • You have trouble focusing without moving

Maybe you identified with one or two of these characteristics, or maybe you identified with them all. Here are some strategies for you to use if you feel you might be a kinesthetic learner.


  • Ask a teacher if you might be able to move around the classroom when you’re tired of sitting down. Some teachers may allow this provided you’re not distracting anybody else. It never hurts to ask, though.
  • Change the place you study in to provide variety.
  • Use a fidget toy to help keep your hands busy.
  • Teach yourself deep breathing techniques to improve focus.
  • Break up longer lessons into small chunks and take breaks in between. Take a walk to get rid of a little bit of pent up energy.
  • Try drawing diagrams of lessons you’re learning or information you’re hearing.

Kinesthetic learners are not usually academically inclined, simply because academic environments are not usually built to support them. This does not mean anything about a kinesthetic learner’s intelligence.

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