If you were to ask me, I’d give you the age-old spiel about how books are always better than their movie counterparts. Further than this, I’d tell you how I think traditional books are better than e-books. Nothing compares to the feeling of holding the books in your hands, of watching your books age with you, of the smell of ink on paper and bookstores.


Nevertheless, I am a reader and I’ll read a novel in any form, meaning I’ve tried all methods. I can confidently say that there are pros and cons to each, and it’s not easy to choose which you prefer.



E-Books Traditional Books
Pros Cons Pros Cons
1.     Easier to travel with

2.     Travel with multiple books

3.     Eco-Friendly

4.     Cheaper (sometimes free!)

5.     Customizable

1.     Not every book has an e-book copy

2.     The light from the screen can cause eye-strain (though e-reader companies have made efforts to minimize this)

3.     Batteries die


1.     The feel of the paper in your hands

2.     Little to no eye strain

3.     More resilient – slight water damage won’t damage a book like it might a device

4.     Second-hand books are quite cheap

5.     Books in general are available widely

1.     Not easily portable

2.     Take up space to store

3.     You need a light to read

4.     Books deteriorate

5.     Not eco-friendly


I have a huge problem choosing between e-books and regular books. On one hand, I care greatly for the environment. On the other, I’m very sentimental and absolutely love the feelings associated with reading an actual book.


Ultimately, I don’t think it matters how you read, as long as you read.

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