Ah, education. What a wonderfully important thing for young children to have. All those years spent in a classroom must be beneficial in some way, right? Of course there are some things that school teaches us that we use in everyday life. But then there are those things that nobody needs, ever.

Do you remember when you were I the third grade and for some reason you were learning to play the recorder? Did anyone actually learn how to play the recorder?

School curriculums fill our brains with useless information, like prime numbers and how to drop an egg off a roof without breaking it.

How much of what we learn in school is actually what we need for real life? I would say around 50-60%, including material from grades 1-12.

That means there is at least 50% of useless knowledge floating around my brain. Imagine how much more productive we could be as a society if we taught our students things they actually need to know to live a successful life.


Who honestly needs to know how to make a paper snowflake? Who sits down at age 40 and says “oh, I wish I could remember the midpoint formula of a line”. Absolutely nobody, that’s who.

Almost everything is accessible online. Instead of forcing students to memorize a formula, focus on teaching them to apply it. Instead of teaching kids to follow a certain template of what a good student is, teach them that individuality is important and valuable.

The education system as a whole needs a makeover. Our generation needs to be the ones to do it.

Teach younger children a simpler, more efficient way to solve a problem. Let them do things in a way that may not seem ordinary to you. As long as the work gets done, who cares how it gets done?

Don’t break their spirits the way school seems to have broken ours.


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