The political world is kind of a mess right now. So much so that it’s hard to figure out what’s actually going on if you don’t spend every second of the day glued to the newspapers. As students, we don’t really have time to read newspapers all day, but it is critical for us to be updated.

We are the new generation. In a few years, we will be in positions of power, positions where we can make changes. How can we be expected to do that when we don’t even know what’s going on in the world?
Yes, politics is not the most interesting subject and few people are actually interested in it, but it’s a very important subject.
When students are educated about the way their governments run, they are more engaged. When young people understand the importance of voting and political alliances they are able to make informed decisions about what they feel is best for them.
Governments that are supported by their people are governments that are successful. Governments with interactive bodies are governments that can maintain control over a well-functioning society.
Teaching students about the difference they can make politically is teaching students that they have a voice and the ability to make a change. When students feel they are able to get somewhere with something they’d like to do, they are excited to partake.
We cannot be expected to make decisions about who we want to run our countries when we are not educated about who runs our country. We cannot build a better, more successful society without knowing the grassroots.

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