Reading the things I write, it might be hard to believe that I’m actually a huge advocate for education. That is, education done right. I believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to go to school. I also believe that the education system as a whole is deeply flawed. Despite this, there are some useful skills we learn from school.

Schools help tremendously with a child’s social interaction. Students who are homeschooled do not get the same levels of interaction as students enrolled in traditional schools, unless they are involved in community activities or sports. Interaction is important for a child because it helps them understand themselves, the people around them, and society as a whole.

We learn to be responsible at school. We have deadlines, and people yelling at us if we don’t adhere to them. We have to learn to mange our own time and build our own schedules. This is a skill we will need for the rest of our lives.

School teaches us about failure and success. In one subject we might be the top of the class and in another we’re failing. In the subjects we’re good at, we tend to get a little arrogant and start slacking and eventually we get a bad grade and we’re devastated. We learn to pick ourselves up and start over, and to deal when things don’t go our way.


Above all, we learn about how valuable it is for us to be different. No two of us are the same. We’re always growing and changing and learning from one another. We learn how we can all contribute something to solving a problem and that sometimes we work better in teams because we all think so differently.

The school system as a whole might be a little bit cracked and outdated, but being at school is truly an enlightening experience.

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