I wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist, but I like things done correctly. When I do things, I like to do them right, and I’ll sometimes spend hours on simple tasks just to do them as well as I can.

As a result, I can turn in projects that I spent hours on. They’re neat and well organized and extremely creative. But nobody grades you on how pretty your work is, just on whether all the information you need to know is shown in your project.

Admittedly, this is a fault of the education system, the system that seeks to drain us of all individuality and creativity.

I’ve found that it is easier to do a simple Powerpoint presentation that takes me 20 minutes and contains all the information the teacher asks for than to go all out on a project that ends up being completely stunning.

In the end, whether I do a 20-minute Powerpoint or a 3D model of a cell, I can only get a certain grade, and I’ll only get this grade if I have all the information the teacher asks for.

Creativity in school work is not valued. When I was a kid, teachers would award one or two marks for creativity, but this gradually slowed to a stop.

photo-1452860606245-08befc0ff44bThe saddest thing is that it’s fun for me to do school projects where I get to do something out of the box that nobody would expect. I love thinking up new ways to approach a problem and display my results.

But it’s just not worth the extra effort. I could spend that time studying for a test I absolutely need to pass or spending time with my family.

If I were guaranteed recognition and rewards for my work, I’d gladly put in the effort. Every project would be like my life’s work. But I don’t and so it’s not.



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