Exam season! The time for stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. I’ve got to start studying this weekend so I had to lug all of my textbooks home. My teachers were so shocked at the weight of my bag, as if each textbook doesn’t weigh a ton.

I understand the need for textbooks, okay? I know they’re important, and I understand why they’re so heavy. We have so much stuff to learn they couldn’t possibly make a textbook that isn’t heavy, unless the writing is miniscule.

Of course, publishers could print multiple volumes of a textbook, but that just becomes cumbersome and adds unneeded responsibility on the student.

Rather, the solution should be ebooks.

At enrollment, parents can choose whether they want to pay for all the needed textbooks in print or in e-book version.

The school could provide students with e-readers instead of iPads or similar tablets to minimize unwanted, distracting activity. Or, the student could bring their own e-reader if they already have one.

The school would still make money from selling e-readers and e-books, albeit a little bit less. Families would save a lot of money on unnescearily expensive textbooks. Students would be spared the agony of carting textbooks to and from school and classes. Most of all, it’s much more environmentally friendly.

Many schools in my area have started transitioning to e-books. They atarted with one or two at first, but eventually just transferred all the books.

My school is a little less progressive. We still use regular old paper and ink. If a student manages to find an online version of the textbook, he or she is allowed to bring their iPad to class, but the school does not sell e-books.

This is slightly better than schools where the only thing they’re allowed to use is the textbook administered by the school.

But why not move over to e-books? They’re much more affordable, they’re portable, students are able to carry all their books at once, etc. The pros greatly outweigh the cons in this case, if you ask me.

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