We’ve all seen the image somewhere online that says something like “friendships breakups are worse than romantic breakups”, and we’ve all seen how many people relate to it.Almost everyone has lost a friend, some have lost more than a few. The reasons for this abrupt end to a friendship might be a bit unclear but the pain behind it never is. Why is this so? Why so friendship breakups hurt so much more than romantic breakups?When you enter into a relationship, in the back of your mind you know it might not work out. You’re slow to become comfortable and close to the person you’re with. It takes a while for you to be vulnerable with them.

With friendships, everything is out there from the start. You don’t start a friendship expecting it to end. You show your true colors from the beginning, allowing yourself to become vulnerable and comfortable with your new best friend.


When romantic relationships end, your friends are there to comfort you. When a friendship ends, nobody can comfort you the same way your ex-friend would have.

With friends, you tend to let them into your life much, much faster. There isn’t any expectations or reasons why not to share something with them. They’re able to get closer to you, to your pets, to your family, much quicker. You tell them all your secrets and your hopes and your dreams, and when they’re gone it’s literally like a piece of you has detached.

Friends are family you can choose. There’s no obligation to love and support them; you do it because you want to. When the friend is gone all of a sudden, it’s earth-shatteringly painful to you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Friends are infinitely more important than romantic partners. This is something I will always believe, especially after losing a few friends and feeling the pain of it.

Nothing is ever the sane when one day you have someone who will love and support you through anything and the next day they’re gone.

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