I have a teacher who prints A LOT of booklets and worksheets for our class, and he never prints them double sided! It drives me crazy. The amount of trees that are cut down every year just so that we can have and waste paper is unimaginable.

Everyone, as residents of this planet, should care about the effects of our lifestyles on the environment. But should teenagers, as the future of this planet, care the most?

If we don’t start caring, start doing something, then very soon there won’t be an earth for us to be the future of.

Some of the world’s most beautiful animals are dying as a direct result of climate change. If we continue at this rate, millions of species will not exist anymore. Generations to come won’t know about pandas, or polar bears, or snow leopards.

Deforestation is affecting the world’s favourite plant: coffee. Rising temperatures and decreased rainfall results in more pests and reduced harvests, as noticed by coffee farmers.


Every year, I notice the effect of climate change in the air around me. Our summers last longer and are much hotter. Our winters have a lot more rain and are colder than ever. It’s been theorised that by the year 2050, parts of the Middle East and North Africa will be uninhabitable.

Clean water and air is essential to life. Right now, India is being blanketed in clouds of smog that are causing illnesses and reducing visibility. Experts say the smog will only get worse as temperatures decrease and is a result of pollution in the country. Factories all over the world pump harmful waste into rivers and streams that are sources of drinking water for humans, animals, and plants.

Pollution causes a host of diseases, most recognisably cancer. A lot of the pollutants in our water and air are known carcinogens. Their effects may not be seen now, but they will be much later on, maybe in your kids and grandkids.

If we really want somewhere to start our own lives and raise our children, we need to start caring. We need to start lessening the amount of waste we produce and reducing our carbon footprints. We need to make a change.


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