Do you have a bucket list? I do, and I’m constantly adding stuff onto it. So much that I fear I won’t be able to finish even half, especially considering how unwilling I am to try new things. And so, a solution: A Teen Years Bucket List. A list of things I’d like to accomplish before I turn 20 and am no longer a teenager.1- Say ‘Yes’ When I’d Like to Say ‘No’

I have a bad habit of agreeing to do things I’d rather not do. It’s how I end up printing essays at midnight and staying up later than I want to helping classmates with projects I finished days before. Just once, I’d like to say no.

2- A Roadtrip

I have this one saved for the summer after graduation. My friends and I will pack our bags, pile into a car, and take a road trip across the country. It’ll be sort of like a final hurrah before we all leave to our separate universities, and we’ll make life long memories.


3- Dye My Hair

I used to be pretty protective of my hair, but then I realized that it’s just hair and it’ll grow back if something happens to it. This summer, I shaved the back of my head and cut my long hair down to my shoulders. Next, I want to dye all the hair on my head a crazy color, like blue or purple.

4- Cliff Diving

I really, really want to try this. When I was a kid, I was not scared of big rides and twisty slides. As I got older this bravery sort of disappeared, but I’ve always been excited at the thought of cliff diving. It just looks so fun! I plan to corral a few of my friends into trying this with me, though I’m unsure how many of them actually will.

5- Try a Food Someone Else Picks

I’m a picky eater but my friends and family are always trying to get me to try new things. Sometimes, I’ll consider it, but my picky side always wins. One day, I will let someone order my food and I’ll eat it without complaining.

I realize that this list might be a little unexciting to some, but isn’t that the beauty of bucket lists? Each of us gets to pick the things we’d like to experience in our lives. Teen Years Bucket Lists allow us to create the best memories of our teen years so we have amazing stories to share afterwards.

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