We see it every day: young people achieving success and not knowing how to handle it.
It’s a particular problem in young celebrities, but it can affect anyone. We’re used to not necessarily getting what we want or having things go our way, and so when life works in our favor we might freak out just a bit.
Faced with power or money after not having it your whole life, it’s easy to lose track of yourself and where you were hoping to go.But nobody ever talks to us about how to handle success, only failure. So how do we prevent it from taking over our lives?


First, it’d be wise to only tell the people who deserve to know. If you don’t immediately think about texting them, they don’t deserve to know directly from you. They can hear the news through mutual friends and the like. This will prevent you from seeming like you’re bragging and make you seem a lot more mature, like past pain doesn’t bother you anymore.

Don’t ever forget where you were before you hit it big. Remember how you got here and what you had to do. This will humble you and make you appreciate your luck a lot more.

If you ever said “when I’m ___, I’ll do ___” then follow through on that. Share your success with the people you love and anyone else who could benefit from it. Don’t be selfish with something that can be taken away from you in a second.

Don’t immediately jump into a lavish lifestyle because you can afford it now. Put some money away for your future or in case something goes wrong. It’s never too early to be prepared.

Ultimately, don’t forget to be proud of yourself! You worked hard, you struggled, you failed, but now you’re where you wanted to be. It’s okay to be happy about it, to be proud of yourself, to want praise. Just don’t let it get to your head too much.

Success is what we all aim for, and I hope we all get what we wish for. And when we do, hopefully we’ll be able to handle it well enough that it doesn’t destroy us and our morals.

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