I’ve gone to three schools since the first grade and all three required uniforms. That means that I’ve been wearing uniforms for my entire academic career, and I’ve always hated it.

Schools don’t make uniforms a requirement for no reason. To us, it might seem like uniforms are meant to burden us. Sometimes it feels as though uniforms exist solely to drain students of everything that makes them unique, to make them conform to a certain standard, to force them into a mold.

Until recently, that is exactly how I felt. I was dead set against wearing a uniform every day, but then I relooked at the situation.

First of all, having a uniform has saved me so much time in the mornings. I’m generally a very indecisive person. Pair this with my tendency to procrastinate and uniforms become a life saver for me. There’s no need to worry about choosing an outfit every single day because it’s already been decided for me.


Having a uniform makes us feel like we’re part of a team. It fills us with a sense of unity and belonging.

Furthermore, we feel that we represent the school that we attend. Uniforms teach us how to take pride in our appearance and the organizations we’re a part of.

I do agree, though, that uniform regulations should not be as strict as they are. Students deserve some outlet to express themselves and their style. Allowing simple things, like hairstyles or shoes of the student’s choice would likely make students much more open to wearing a uniform.

Uniforms are maybe not a single bad as they seem. They may actually be helpful to our routines.


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