I have never been good at sports, always preferring academics over any physical activity. In fact, I’d have preferred to be in my least favorite academic class (math, ew) than being in P.E.


Despite this lifelong aversion to all things sporty, I recently joined my school’s swimming team for a few reasons:
1- I’m terribly unfit, I have to admit.
2- Swimming has always been the only sport in somewhat decent at.
3- Though I’m highly unlikely to land one, sports scholarships exist!

Seeing as I dropped P.E. as soon as the opportunity arose, the only time I get exercise is when I’m dashing between classes.

Swimming will help me stay healthy and get fit, and maybe I won’t feel like I’m about to lose a lung after climbing a few flights of stairs.

The team is full of girls my age and we already have something in common. Making friends is a breeze and nothing brings us closer like the feeling of being part of a team, of something where everyone gets to contribute.

As we all know, colleges love extracurricular activities. Being on the swim team gives me another thing to add to my college applications.


I gave my parents the shock of a lifetime when I said I wanted to take up swimming, but I think we’ve all been pleasantly surprised by how well I’m doing.

Joining a sports team in high school came completely out of nowhere for me, but it’s definitely been rewarding, and I know it’ll pay off later on.

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