I have been in the same school since the third grade. Most of my classmates have been at the school since around that time too. We’ve grown up together, seen each other every single day for the last 8 years.

I can’t imagine graduating and leaving the school that’s been my second home, the people who have become my family.
Graduation anxiety has begun settling in. I’m now in the 11th grade, and watching the seniors panic about their next steps has me panicking about mine.

What if I don’t get into a good university?

What if all the time I’ve put into making sure I do well goes to waste?

What if…what if…what if…

The thing is, life is inevitable, change is inevitable. It makes no difference how much time I spend worrying about it, life will go ahead and whatever is meant to happen will happen.


I will leave school, my friends and I will drift apart, I will have to adjust to a completely new environment which will be very difficult considering how long I’ve spent in this one school.

All these little things I’m afraid of, losing my friends, new environments, stress from university, all of it can be boiled down to one thing: change. I’m afraid of the huge change that comes with graduation. I won’t be a kid anymore. I’ll have to depend on myself completely for the first time, I’ll miss my family and friends, and the combination of everything all at once will hurt like something I’ve never experienced before. Even through my fear-clouded glasses, I can see that in the grand scheme of things this isn’t that bad.

I will have graduated, finally done with high school and all the drama that comes with it. I’ll be able to sift out all the friendships I had purely because we saw each other every day and find my real friends. I’ll be able to meet new people, explore new things, find the person I’m destined to be and find ways to grow into her.

This might come from my religious beliefs, but I am a firm believer in the fact that nothin happens to you if you’re unable to handle it. Meaning whatever pain I feel, whatever fear, I will get through it. And you will too.

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