Money isn’t easy to come by, and a lot of things are expensive. My class and I frequently make plans to buy something to share or pay for group activities, but sometimes our parents can’t afford our exorbitant demands. That leaves us with very few options to raise the money we need. So, we turned to fundraising. These are some of the methods we used to raise money to pay for our senior jackets.

1- Bake Sales
Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned bake sale. Set up a table with a few homemade baked goods and you’ll be bringing in cash in no time. It’s unbelievable how much money you can make from this.

2- Selling Crafts
One of my classmates is exceptionally talented at jewelry making, and so she made a bunch of bracelets and sold them at her church. People bought them as gifts and started sending in custom orders. Another classmate sold canvas bags she’d painted and made quite a bit of money from that as well.


3- Odd Jobs
This might not be allowed, depending on where you live, but offering to do small tasks in exchange for some money is basically a right of passage in my family. Mowing the lawn for neighbors, running errands for the elderly, walking some dogs, etc.

4- Donations
One thing I’ve learned is that people love teens taking initiative and going for things they want. Explain what you’re trying to raise money for and you’ll be surprised how many people will offer money to help you out.

People love helping other people out, even for small things. If you know your target and are determined to get to it, you’ll be able to find many, many ways to raise the money you need.</div>

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