I never, ever believed the adults when they told me that one day I’d miss my youth. I always thought that being a kid was the worst phase of life and I rushed to grow up. Now I’m 17 and I find myself dreading getting any older than this. I’m not alone, though. I’ve seen many a teen complaining about the looming threat of their 18th birthday.

The younger generation is on a whole other level though. Instead of dreading age, they grasp onto it. They’re desperate to grow up at the speed of light and we’re desperate to turn back the clock.


Their lives revolve around dressing and acting older than they really are. Where we had after school park dates they have Starbucks meet-ups. Where we had passing notes in class they have texting.

Through no fault of their own, they’ve grown up much, much faster than we did, partly due to their access to technology.

Life is short, yes, but there is enough time to go through every thing. Time passes at the right pace and all we can do is embrace the fact that things are changing.

Stop complaining about how you’re turning 18 and celebrate how you’re ONLY 18!

Be happy about leaving high school and entering university. This is the time of your life where you find yourself, and you can’t do that if you’re moping about your age.

We’re young, full of potential, full of hope. Don’t let something as silly as a number hold you back.

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