We’ve all cheated, right? It’s almost a natural progression. Whether you cheated because you genuinely didn’t know the answer or just because you wanted to make sure your answer was correct, cheating is cheating and we’ve all done it.


The real masters are those kids who cheated all throughout school but never once got caught, though I’ve heard too many of these success stories to believe them.

In high school, the education system is built in a way that it doesn’t actually matter how much information you know. There’s more emphasis put on the amount of points you get, which is why we’re so driven to cheat.

If you cheat on a test and get a full mark, you don’t even feel bad about cheating because you achieved the goal you wanted to, and nobody really cares that you cheated.

This entire school year, I’ve been making a conscious attempt to not cheat, and it’s slowly driving me nuts. I’m getting good marks, no problem, but everyone else is doing better than me solely because they cheat.


I have no problem cheating on tests and quizzes to get the grade, because I know that the information on this piece of paper isn’t really going to help me in twenty years and also that attaining the highest mark possible is the most important thing right now. So the only thing keeping me from cheating is my morals, I guess.

I’ve always been taught that cheating is wrong and recently I’ve been trying to put my morals into practice. It hasn’t been easy.

I find temporary solace in the age old saying “cheaters never prosper”. It might not necessarily be true, because there are definitely cheaters who are incredibly successful in whichever field they’ve ended up in, it’s easy to convince myself that it is true. I can easily tell myself that one day karma will catch up to everyone around me.

Do I have an issue with cheating? Morally, yes. In general, not really. As I said before, nobody really cares about how much of the pointless information you’re learning actually sticks.

Would I encourage cheating? No, because getting caught really does have devastating consequences. You cheat to earn a few extra points and if you’re caught you could get your entire score cancelled. Sometimes it’s better to just barely pass a test than to fail it because you got caught cheating.

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