Teachers are the unspoken heroes of the education world. They work long hours. They teach up to hundreds of students, and they rarely ever get the appreciation they deserve. Without teachers, we’d be lost.

Depending on your school, the rules might not allow this. But if it’s permitted, show your gratitude to your favorite teachers with a small, meaningful gift. Like what? I have some suggestions.

1- Materials for the Class

In many schools, teachers pay for their classroom materials out of their own pockets. Learning this gave me more respect for teachers whose classrooms are covered from corner to corner in decorations. Gifting a teacher classroom materials will allow them to save some money and they’ll remember their time as your teacher every time they use it.

2- Gift Cards

Gift cards are easy, efficient gifts for everyone. Teachers are no exception! Give your teacher a gift card to their favorite store and you’ll be teacher’s pet in no time.


3- Themed Gift Baskets

Spending a full year with someone, you’re able to gauge more or less where their interests lie. Use this information to create or buy a super cute themed gift basket that aligns with those interests. Steer clear of items that look cute but aren’t really useful. They usually just end up as clutter or trash.

4- Books

Books make great gifts for teachers who love reading. A book with a good message is especially good. English teachers may consider adding the book to their required reading list and you’ll be the person who inspired them to do so.

5- Gratitude

Teachers spend all their time doing things for their students. All they really want to know is that their work has paid off. Write a letter or just a small note to your teacher highlighting some of your favorite memories from the year, or things you learned from them outside the coursework. Guaranteed, this little note will mean more to them than any store-bought gift.

For a teacher, gifts are always appreciated but never required. Giving your teacher something to show them how thankful you are for their dedication, their passion, will guarantee that they never forget you and push them to give the same learning experience to future students.

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