The sound of people fighting for what they want out of life has become deafening. It’s so loud that oftentimes it’s difficult to sort through what you agree with and what you don’t.

We need clear, coherent methods of getting our messages across. That’s where TV shows come in.

There are an increasing amount of TV shows that use this their platform to discuss social justice issues and  raise a awareness for problems that plague o it society today.

Off the top of my head, I can name two: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Fosters.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the workdays of NYPD detectives at the 99th precinct in Brooklyn. The plot lines of the episode often subtly hint at important issues such as racism or sexism in the workplace, police brutality, and cultural stereotypes. The show brings to light painful, taboo topics and till manages to be absolutely hilarious. It’s not often that you’re able to find genuinely funny comedy where the jokes are in no way offensive, and B99 definitely doesn’t cross the line.

The Fosters tells the story of a couple and their mixture of adopted, biological, and foster children. The subject matter may be a little inappropriate for children, but I think it’s a very important show for teenagers looking for their place in the world. The issues the characters face range from silly high school drama to immigration laws in the USA. A lot of times, the episode plots relate to current events, as if they’re being written as a guide for viewers looking to make a difference.

TV shows reach a very, very large audience, and using them to make a statement is extremely intelligent. We learn a lot from the messages perpetuated through TV and having those messages be messages of strength and motivation can only help us be better at fighting for our rights.

Using TV, as well as other forms of media, is a genius way to raise awareness and garner support for a cause.

Already, we see that teenagers and young adults refuse to stand back and let themselves be trampled on. If we continue to push forward I have no doubt that we can change the world.


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