Recent recruit, Syed Adil, hosted a very successful workshop just a short while ago!  The speaker was Cognitive Robotics professor Murray Shanahan from Imperial College London and the workshop took place at the Woolwich Polytechnic School in London.

In keeping with the CareerFear goal of delivering quality information to teens, this workshop was highly enjoyable for everyone involved. Professor Shanahan was very enthusiastic about sharing his work with the students at WPS and the students loved having him!

Organizing the workshop took dedication and extreme organization skills on Syed’s part, and overall it was executed very well.

At workshops, we typically have a CareerFear representative interviewing a speaker for a few minutes before we open up the floor to additional questions the students may have for the students. At the end of the workshop, the CareerFear representative collects feedback from the audience in an attempt to pinpoint any areas that need additional concentration from our team.


Some of the questions that were asked of Professor Sturm were:

  • What was your high school experience like?
  • What subjects did you enjoy most in high school?
  • When did you decide that computer science was the field for you?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages to being a computer scientist?
  • What are some traits of a good computer scientist?
  • What advice do you have for any students looking to study in the field of computer science?

Other questions asked ranged from what the entrance requirements to study computer science at Imperial College are to whether or not the course looks at Artificial Intelligence (henceforth AI), to what are the possible negative repercussions of creating AI, to how can Computer science and AI impact fields like medicine with regards to processing the massive amounts of clinical data we are generating and how Computer Science can impact drug development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Feedback from students was positive: many of them learned new information about what it means to be a computer scientist. Students gained a deeper insight and more realistic view of the computer science and teaching fields. For example, students did not realise that Computer Science, especially AI, poses some very interesting questions about the Philosophy of Mind nor did they know that professors get to travel all around the world as part of their jobs.

If you are based in London and are interested in either speaking at a workshop or organizing a workshop at your school, don’t hesitate to contact our London team.

Tanishq Kumar:



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