School is out, and the weather is finally warming up a little! The only problem remaining is what to do with all the free time you’ve got now. Here are some ideas:

1- Volunteer Work

Wherever you’re situated, organisations are looking for volunteers. Spending your spring break doing volunteer work is a great way to collect fillers for college applications, as well as learning valuable life skills and interacting with different kinds of people.

2- Traveling

If you have the means, traveling is always a fun way to spend your break. Gather a few friends or family members and explore a place you’ve never seen before. Road trips are especially good for this.


3- Get a job

Not exactly the most fun thing to do with your vacation, depending on where you work, but anything can be better with friends. Plus you get to make some extra cash!

4- Start a garden

Tending to a little garden will give you a reason to spend some time outside getting some fresh air and sunlight. Learn about what plants grow at this time of year in your climate, get the supplies you need, and get to work!

5- Future Planning

For juniors or seniors eager to start the next part of their lives properly, spending spring break making plans is not a bad idea. Plan a few college tours, decide a major, send in very last minute college applications, whatever needs to be done can be done now!

6- Whatever makes you happy

The best way to spend spring break is by having fun. If that means making a different plan for each day or staying cooped up in your room, so be it. Whatever you do, make sure you won’t regret it later.


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