Among college students, one of the biggest sources of pain and anxiety is a separation from their families. How do you handle being away from the people you’ve lived with all your life?

Step one would be, before even applying to universities, coming to terms with the fact that leaving the nest is almost inevitable. In some cases, it may be temporary, but it will almost certainly happen.

From there, you can decide how far from the nest you’d be comfortable flying, and use that to narrow down your school search. But don’t let staying close to home stop you from reaching out to universities that could help you get to where you need to be.

When you get to university, remember that you are not alone in missing your home and family. You won’t have to venture far to find someone who is able to sympathize with you. Make friends, and feel free to vent.


University is largely about starting the next chapter of your life, yes, but your family does not stay in the past. Your family is with you throughout everything. This is just a temporary separation in most cases. Don’t push down your hurt from missing them in the name of not wanting to ruin the fun.

It will get better. You will get used to living on your own and only speaking to your parents and siblings a few times a week. This does not mean that you’re cold or heartless. It just means that you’re adapting to your new situation. The excitement at going home almost never fades though.

University is an opportunity for exploration and growth, and it comes with its fair share of struggle and sacrifice. Don’t discount the experience because you’re afraid to take a risk.

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