As a writer, I’m constantly searching for things to write about. My motivation is fluid, coming and going as it pleases, but my inspiration is never-ending.

Finding inspiration doesn’t have to be a nerve wracking search for the next good thing.

Inspiration comes from everything around us, everything we can see and touch, everything we know.

I enjoy people watching. Yes, that sounds creepier than it is. Basically, I sit somewhere I can observe people going about their daily lives, and I let my mind wander. Pretty soon I’ve got a bunch of questions I could answer in an essay, or I’ve come up with an idea for a short story.


A friend of mine is an artist. He get his inspiration from his friends. He enjoys drawing us in different art styles, with different materials. From there he’ll draw us in different time periods and alternate universes.

Inspiration is most definitely subjective. What inspires you might not inspire someone else and vice versa.

Inspiration doesn’t always strike when you expect it to, also. It may come when you least expect it, at the most inopportune times.

I once had a million dollar idea in the middle of a huge test, but I couldn’t continue with the test until I’d done something with the idea. I ended up writing out a short story on the back of my test paper.

Inspiration is whatever you want it to be. Search for it in conversations and nature and classroom banter. I guarantee you will find it somewhere you never thought it would be.

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