Dear Abu Dhabi readers: CareerFear is in this week’s issue of Abu Dhabi World! Be sure to check us out!

For our international readers, you can access the online version of the article here!

Upon the release of the article, I shared the link with some of my friends and family, who in turn shared in among their connections. Almost immediately, I started getting messages from interested teens wanting to know more about CareerFear and the work we do.

Among them all, there seemed to be a common denominator: they were all confused teens, looking for the path they were destined to follow.


One girl told me she’d gone from wanting to be a doctor to a policewoman to a lawyer in the span of a year, and that she couldn’t make a firm decision because she didn’t have enough information about the careers she was interested in.

It’s one thing to sit behind a screen and write blog posts that may or may not be making an impact, but to actually hear from someone that you are helping to provide a service that they need is quite an amazing thing.

For the first time ever, I was able to see that the work we do behind the scenes here at CareerFear actually does make a difference, that we are making a change. That is something that will always stick with me.

The CareerFear team is expanding every day, and we will continue to work to make your future decisions as well informed as possible!

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