Dreams into Reality

“How do I find the career I love?”

“What should I do with my life?”

“What do I want to be when I grow up?”. 

These are the kinds of questions millions of teenagers and students ask themselves, every day. They shouldn’t. Many have dreams — big dreams of becoming a star athlete, a famous actor, a world-renowned entrepreneur. As we grow older, we’re told to adjust our fantasies so they’re more ‘realistic’. People come to us saying “My parents want me to become a Doctor, so I will”. How crazy is that?

If you have big dreams, make sure they get bigger. Make sure you have enormous scope of ambitions. However, if you want them to become a reality, you have to put in the work. This is for all high school, university students — for everyone, in fact. ‘The bigger the dream, the harder the grind’. It’s quite simple to become successful at the career you want. It, however, is not easy.

To turn your dreams into a reality, put in the hours. This isn’t a motivational speech (it’s not meant to be, anyways) but we at CareerFear encourage people to push themselves to get off their bottoms and work! If your excuse is that ‘but everyone else is relaxing’, our response is – even better! That means you are pushing forward while others slide backwards. If you have large career ambitions, use CareerFear to learn about exactly what it takes, discuss it with your parents and school counselors. But — after you have a plan of action, pursue it relentlessly and doggedly. That’s how you turn your dreams into a reality.


“How do I find the career I love?”

“What should I do with my life?”

“What do I want to be when I grow up?”

I hope, now, you know what you have to do. Hope this helps.

“Follow Your Passion”

The quote “Follow your passion” is a famous one. It’s often quoted by a lot of celebrities and successful people. However, it can easily be misinterpreted, just as easily as it is misused. It leaves many people scratching their heads thinking “What is my passion?” or “What do I want to do with my life?”. 

Today, I’m going to tell you why — sometimes — it’s wrong to “follow your passion”.

The reason for this is because we don’t really understand what is meant by the term “Passion”. People often hear this quote and think what do I LOVE to do? Video Games! TV! I’ll be a pro gamer, I’ll become a famous director. And then when they look into those careers and what it takes to be successful at them — they realize it’s completely different to the reasons they looked for them in the first place. “Find your passion” doesn’t mean pick something you enjoy doing, and make that a career. A career is something more meaningful, more intimate. A career is something you believe is a representation of what you believe in — what you want in life.


The phrase “Find your passion” should be rephrased. It leads people to think to themselves — “Should I make my hobby a career?”. While feasible, I don’t think it’s optimal at all. You love cooking — that’s great! But you probably won’t like it as a career. You enjoy it because it’s refreshing — a break in your routine. But if you were made to do it all day, every day — made to scrutinize and study every aspect of it, would you still love what you were doing?

This leads me to my next point; tenacity. You have to be willing to stick it out at what you’re doing. Just because you spent a few weeks on your Computer Science course and found the Math difficult doesn’t mean you should stop! Spend the time being frustrated, struggle a bit. If you still find — after a good amount of time and mental investment — that what you’re doing isn’t for you, then feel free to change your mind knowing you gave it your best.

Don’t just “Find your passion”. Find what you’re good at, find what the market needs, and make sure you enjoy doing it. Strike a balance between idealistic dreams and realistic ambitions. Don’t be in a rush. Speed doesn’t matter; direction does. A lot of people are going nowhere, very fast. Don’t be one of them. Hope this helps.

Tanishq Kumar, CEO

Career Pressures

Students and teenagers often think ‘I don’t know what to do with my life’. And that’s OK. However, what’s not OK is when teens and students reach out and say they’re becoming Doctors, or Lawyers…why? “Because my parents wanted me to”. Parents often don’t know much about careers themselves – they think that the ideas they were exposed to about careers when they were younger are still relevant.

It’s now common knowledge that 20% of students will pursue careers that do not exist today. The world is rapidly changing; parents pressures their kids into doing jobs that they think will pay well, or will be secure. While these are certainly somewhat valid reasons to choose a job, they shouldn’t be the driving factors. If your parents are instructing to do a job that you hate (despite having tried it), or that you could never see yourself doing – feel free to tell them you disagree. In fact, there’s good reason that most people end up saying “I hate my job”.


It’s ridiculous that most people hate the one thing they will spend the most of their life doing. If you find yourself admitting “My parents want me to be a Doctor”, but you’ve tried it, and hated it – try out something else and tell your parents! Perhaps you’ll find your passion as a programmer, or perhaps as an accountant! Show your parents CareerFear and help them ease their career fears (and yours!). CareerFear has all the important information you need in the form of a recorded video interview; we’ve also paid special attention to include metrics like salary and working hours that your parents may find relevant.

Invite your parents to join you in exploring careers on CareerFear. If you’re still telling yourself “I don’t know what I want to do with my life”, that’s good! That’s why we’re here.  It’s really saddening that “Parents forcing me into a career” is searched by a lot of people. That shouldn’t be the case. Explore the site, and show your parents and mentors what interests you – find your passion.


Internships & Workshops

CareerFear will start offering two new major services in the near future.

At the moment, CareerFear helps students around the world by uploading interviews of people in different careers, so students can gain first-hand career experience very easily. However, as we’re growing rapidly, and are gaining large amounts of users from various places around the world, we want to branch out into other services, too.

As such, CareerFear has started partnering with companies and large corporations in the United Arab Emirates to help provide high school students in the UAE with internship opportunities. As we branch out into different countries around the world, we hope this service will be open to students in those countries, too. Soon, we’ll upload an ‘Internships’ page on our site, linking high school students to internships and possible work experience to compliment the career service we currently offer online.


Secondly, CareerFear is going to start hosting workshops. Through our large network of interviewee contacts, we will start inviting guest speakers to schools and universities around the United Arab Emirates and soon enough other countries, too. This way, students will get a chance to interact with these people in real life, as well as on CareerFear. These workshops will consist of – for example – a lawyer coming to a high school to demystify his job, and the lawyer may speak about what it takes to become a lawyer, what school subjects are important, important misconceptions high school students have, and then take questions towards the end of the workshop. These will be organized and hosted by CareerFear as an additional service we are choosing to provide as a non-profit service.

If you’re a company who’d like to partner with CareerFear, or a company that wants to offer students internships, or perhaps a professional who wants to share his career experience and give valuable advice to students at a CareerFear workshop, get in touch with tanishq@careerfear.org.